WellnessBen, the presenter, is not a super athlete.  He is not a nutritionist. He’s just an ordinary person, like anyone you meet in your daily life.  Ben’s life has drastically improved during the past 4 years.  Not only did he shed 80 pounds of fat, he changed from someone who used to fight for the nearest parking spot at the local fast-food restaurant to someone who hikes up to 50 miles per week. Ben has Type II Diabetes – he went from being on six prescription drugs to no longer needing them.  In addition, he ditched his 100% processed “All-American, one-hamburger-away-from-a-heart-attack” diet and exchanged it for a healthy, nutrient-rich, whole food, plant-based diet.  In this inspirational wellness presentation, Ben will share with you the secrets he learned during his quest for the Passion 4 Life. In his pursuit for a better quality of life, Ben spent countless hours researching the subjects of weight loss, fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthy lifestyles (please check out some of the research in the “Resources” page). Along the way, he discovered much confusing, and often contradictory information.  In the end, he made many important, informed decisions based on the latest research.  In this presentation, Ben does not preach about living a healthy lifestyle. Rather, he shares what he has learned from his research and personal experience.  Ben believes that if the average person is presented with the appropriate set of “facts,” he or she will naturally make the “right” decisions for a better, healthier lifestyle. These choices will be profound and life-changing beyond what pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment can accomplish. There are no additional seminars, DVDs, books or memberships to sell. Ben simply wants to share valuable information that will transform your life if you are ready for change.